Following testing jobs are routinely undertaken by various departments/centres of NITK Surathkal.

  • Testing of air, potable water, wastewater and soil quality parameters.

  • Stack and ambient air quality monitoring.

  • Product testing as per IS Standard.

  • Optical, structural, mechanical and electrical characterization of materials.

  • Testing of steel for construction activities

  • Model testing for various kinds of Marine Structures in a regular wave flume

  • Investigation, sampling and testing of soils

  • Industrial and domestic water meter, pressure gauge and vacuum gauge testing

  • Pump and recovery tests for open wells for calibration of aquifer parameters

  • Tension, compression, bend, re-bend and hardness tests on MS/Tor rods/flats

  • Testing of water, waste water, industrial chemicals, fertilizers, Petroleum products

  • Analysis of materials using TG-DTA, ICP-OES, HPLC, LC-MS etc.

  • Testing of concrete, cement, Granite jelly, sand, Concrete Solid/ Hollow Blocks, Laterite Stone, Interlocks / Paver Blocks, Mosaic Tiles, Mangalore Tiles.

  • Testing of soil / sand / aggregate samples.

  • .Various soil test for supplied soil samples

  • Testing of water and waste water (Chemical, biochemical components)

  • Testing of bitumen, bituminous materials, wood, plywood

  • Testing of cement, paper, fertilizers, paints, varnishes, oils, petroleum products, water, metals, alloys, plastics, etc., as described in I.S. codes.

  • Testing of industrial raw materials like molasses, lime, latex, ores, etc.

  • Characterization of materials, percent purity of material, calibration of weights, identification of polymers, instrumental analysis, etc.

  • Calibration of energy meters, CTs and other instruments.

  • Testing of wires, cables, capacitors, insulators, transformers etc.

  • Capacity evaluation of industrial drive motors and welding transformers.

  • Calibration of high voltage test equipment like Holiday detectors, insulation testing apparatus etc.

  • Measurement of earth resistance of storage tanks

  • Electric drive testing & redesign for industry

  • XRD analysis of materials

  • Mechanical testing and materials characterization involving hardness, tensile, impact, indentation creep tests, tribological testing and analysis.

  • Shear bond testing of solder joints and characterization of Pb free solder

  • Corrosion testing and analysis for industrial and structural components

  • Microstructural analysis and characterization involving light, scanning and Transmission Electron microscopy, X-Ray Diffraction Studies, FTIR spectroscopy, Particle size analysis, Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Electro-Spinning studies.

  • Rock mechanics testing.





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