Following consultancy assignments are routinely undertaken by various departments/centres of NITK Surathkal.

  • Design of storm water drainage network
  • Certification for sustainable Sand removal from the rivers
  • Design of vented dams or other water harvesting structures
  • Land use-land cover analysis using RS data
  • Design of vented dam/small dams/water retaining structures
  • Development of information systems using GIS & Aerial photography for GIS
  • Sediment dynamics study including siltation in harbors
  • Design of seawalls and other coastal protection methods
  • Change detection analysis for shorelines, land forms, coastal erosion areas, potential fishing zone
  • Detection and Slope stability analysis
  • Model testing for various kinds of Marine Structures in a regular wave flume
  • Hydrological designs
  • Planning, analysis and design of major/minor ports, fishing ports, drainage systems and water supply schemes
  • Environmental impact assessment and management plan
  • Environmental quality monitoring
  • Modelling of water quality
  • Risk and safety assessment in process industries
  • Environmental audit and safety audit
  • Air quality modelling and impact studies
  • Structural design and detailing for multi-storied buildings, bridges, microwave towers, chimney.
  • Concrete Mix-Design - Normal OPC-based mixes and special concretes.
  • Design of water treatment plants, sewage treatment plant and solid waste disposal
  • Air pollution monitoring, water and effluent quality monitoring
  • Analysis of supplied SPT data and providing geo-technical reports
  • Design of flexible and rigid pavements
  • Design of concrete mix and rigid pavements and runways
  • Traffic and transportation planning
  • Capacity evaluation of industrial drive motors and welding transformers.
  • Electric drive testing & redesign for industry
  • Damper testing and mathematical model development
  • Perceived noise source identification and control
  • Vibration analysis of glass epoxy composites and piezolmaniated fiber beams
  • Full mandible 3-D printing
  • Fault detection of four stroke engines
  • Failure and Root-Cause Analysis of industrial structures and engineering components,
  • Materials Selection and Materials of Construction (MOC) Analysis
  • Mechanical testing and materials characterization involving hardness, tensile, impact, indentation creep tests, tribological testing and analysis.
  • Corrosion testing and analysis for industrial and structural components
  • Design and analysis of heat treatments for structural steels, light metals, and commercial alloys including: age hardening, plain hardening, tempering, austempering, carburizing, sub-zero and cryogenic treatments.
  • Analysis of severity of quenching, nano-quenchant Development and related investigations.
  • Wettability/contact angle studies of various fluids on various solid surfaces
  • FEM based numerical/computation work including stress Analysis, CFD, solidification studies, heat transfer
  • Designing, processing, testing, and development of polymers and composites.
  • Powder compaction and sintering/pressure consolidation of alloys, polymers, and composites
  • Designing, testing, and characterization of industrial weldments
  • Dip-coating, electroplating, surface treatment, and surface modification of experimental/industrial alloys.
  • Stereoscopy, Fractography, Fracture Signature Identification and related analysis for industrial alloys and composites.
  • Inclusion and grain-size analysis of industrial components as per ASTM standard.
  • Thermo-mechanical processing, foundry & metal casting related investigations, plant layout design & renovation.
  • Analysis and evaluation of industrial furnaces, refractories and thermocouples.
  • Blast design, controlled blasting, under water blasting in ports
  • Design of slopes, design of underground spaces, tunnels
  • Planning, tendering & implementation of rock dredging projects
  • Quantity surveys in mines
  • Geo-technical Investigations




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